What’s wrong with IDE’s?

Some programmers and designers do not like IDE’s such as Eclipse, Visual Studio, Delphi or Dreamweaver and Frontpage for HTML. But why not?
My brother, who does a little C programming the so-called “die hard way”, i.e. using a plain text editor with no tools or whatsoever, saw me programming in Eclipse with auto completion, code generation, auto fixing of common made mistakes (variable name mistyping, which Eclipse can fix by itself) and error underlining while typing and he said “Hey, that’s not programming anymore!” Is it not? What is programming these days? Using a language that makes it as easy as possible to make mistakes, an editor that helps in no way? Do programmers like to make things as difficult as they can be? I don’t, but many seem to.
Why do people still use notepad for serious development? At least use an editor that does code higlighting if you really want to do lite coding. For many languages there are many great alternatives, Visual Studio is great for C, C++, C# and VB(.NET), Eclipse and IDEA are great for Java (and JBuilder and Netbeans for GUI Java code), Delphi’s a great development enviroment too. For PHP and Perl, Komodo is a great option.

But, come on! Dragging and dropping a program together, that’s not really programming, is it?
Well it depends on what you like to do. Personally I’d say, everything that the computer can do for you, let the computer do it. Why fiddle with coordinates if you can just drag a component to the right place. Why type all your getters and setters if they can be generated for you. Why write up a database access layer if there is software that can generate it for you? Or even, why write HTML yourself if there’s great software that allows you to focus on design and not stupid plain text codes and CSS stylesheets?

But you lose flexibility right? Well that depends on the IDE you’re using. It might be possible to write a WYSYWYG editor that can do everything HTML, Javascript and CSS can do and then, well you don’t lose anything. But if you can’t do everything in the IDE, so what? It’s just a tools and does not necessarily have to be a full, complete solution. There’s nothing wrong with making things easy.