This is how to drive traffic to your site

I once wrote something about how much you hate those MSN nicknames and looks what happens. All my referrers come from search engines with search phrases like “msn nicknames”. Which is a circular process, as the more people come here referred by one of those keywords, the more times those keywords appear on my frontpage (through the referrers section), my ranking raises and I get more hits through search engines on those keywords.

So if you want a lot of hits to your site, write about some general popular theme. Then write a script that displays all referrers in a growing list (be sure the title of the referring url is inluded on this list!). Then just wait, once somebody found your site through a search engine, it’s added to the list, your site is updated and now talks more about those keywords than it has ever before, upping your rankings in search engines. Yay!