Python is great

I just took the time to finally have a look at python and I just love it. It is absolutely the nicest scripting language I’ve used (yes even better than PHP and Perl ;)). It has great module support, very nice OO support (it’s all object oriented) even with multiple inheritance. Something that I really like is that it even has some useful things from functional languages, such as tupels, a lambda function, a map function and a filter function.

A simple example:

for i in map(lambda x: x*x, range(100)):
 print i,

Ok agreed, that’s a VERY hard way to say you just want to print a list of squares from 0² to 99², but still, it has it’s charm. The same can be written as:

for i in range(100):
 print i*i,

of course.

If you got the time, I suggest you to download Python from here and read this nice tutorial to get started, it’s worth it :)