Swing music

About a year and half ago I downloaded a couple of MP3s of Robbie Williams’ album “Swing when you’re winning” and for some reason I just loved it. I got the album about half a year ago and a couple of weeks ago I bought the “Live at the albert” DVD too.

I would never have believed I could really love that sort of music. I mean I was born in the 80s and this music all originates from the 50s. They’re songs such as Mr. Bojangles, The lady is a tramp, Let’s face the music and dance, My Way of course, but that one’s still very popular. Lately I have been downloading the originals too among some other songs I never really heard before and they’re great too. It’s so weird how things can turn, I listened to Nirvana, Metallica, Slayer and tougher stuff in my puberty, when I was like 17 I started liking The Corrs, which are, well, different :D Now it’s Swing and Bigband Jazz, what’s next?

If you got a chance and you never tried listening to Swing music, try one of the following: My Way, New York, New York, The Lady is a tramp (all Sinatra), though the latter seems to be quite hard to find. Others you could try are Ain’t that a kick in the head, Mr. Bojangles and Mack the knife.