I love music very much and odd thing is that I like nearly all music. If you're open to new a bit more alternative kinds of music, I have a couple of tips for you here. h3. Shakira

Although Shakira recently made a huge breakthrough all over the world, personally I'm not really fond of her English languaged music. I liked her older Spanish music a lot better. A couple of songs you could get if you're interested:

* Te aviso te anuncio * Tu * Ojos Asi * Inevitable * Si te vas

h3. The Corrs

Same goes for the Corrs. Personally I don't really like the songs they made since they're trying to reach their US breakthrough. I like the more Irish-ish songs a lot better. For example:

* Lough erin shore (instrumental) * Toss the feathers (instrumental) * Rebel heart (instrumental) * Haste to the wedding (instrumental) * I know my love * Hurt before * Dreams (cover) * No frontiers * Old town * Queen of holywood (Unplugged version) * Radio * Only when I sleep

If you can find them, listen to the Unplugged versions of those songs (for as far available) they're nicer than their originals.