Mac OS X 'most secure servers'

From Macworld UK:

The security firm's Intelligence Unit has run a comparitive study of the variety of operating systems available today. It states: "The world's safest and most secure online server Operating System (OS) is proving to be the Open Source family of BSD (Berkley Software Distribution) and Mac OS X based on Darwin."

It's also claimed that Linux has become the most breached online server OS in the government and non-government spheres for the first time, while the number of successful hacker attacks against Windows-based servers have fallen for the last ten months.

To arrive at its conclusions, mi2g analysed 17.074 successful digital attacks against servers and networks. It states: "With Linux accounting for 13,654 breaches, Windows for 2,005 breaches followed by BSD and Mac OS X with 555 breaches worldwide in January 2004."

The group discounted the recent wave of worms, viruses and other attacks that have affected Windows systems worldwide. It confined the study to overt digital attacks by hackers.

"For the first time, the number of recorded breaches against government servers running BSD or Mac OS X worldwide fell to zero in January 2004," the analyst said."

First thing that jumps to mind: did they even consider the fact that there are nearly infinitely more Linux webservers than Mac OS X servers (figure of speech). How can you even compare them like this? I can't find any weighted numbers. They might be in the actual mi2g report, but I'm not going to pay 29.38 pounds for that.