Sun might drop SuSE as the underlying platform of JDS

InfoWorld: "Sun Microsystems is pondering a long-term desktop strategy for Linux that may mean changing its arrangement with SuSE, which currently provides the Linux distribution for Sun's desktop platform.

Sun sells the SuSE Linux distribution as part of the Sun Java Desktop System applications suite. But that may change, according to Jonathan Schwartz, Sun executive vice president for software. The company is "beginning to look at what the right strategy is in the long run," he said.

"Customers don't really care about what the kernel is on the desktop as much as they do on the server," Schwartz said in an interview on Thursday. "Customers care about a solution on the desktop."

"I guess we're a little bit disappointed with SuSE's performance in the marketplace," said Schwartz. Asked if Sun would revive its own Sun Linux distribution that it discontinued last year, Schwartz said, "That's an interesting question.""