What about the scripters?

Tech bytes: "So what is the problem? Where is the procedural .NET!?! Where is the scripter's version of .NET!?! My colleagues are giving up on Microsoft after years of effort to consolidate on the MS platform. They do not want to be G. Andrew Duthie or Jesse Liberty. They want to create a few HTML pages with forms and write some procedural script on a server to process the data. What I am starting to find are a number of PHP, Perl, and MySQL books appearing on the shelves of my coworkers. And they are not looking at Win2K or Win2003 as the platform or IIS as the server. Yes, we both know that the Windows platform can handle PHP, Perl, or any number of other scripting languages. But what I'm trying to say is that if you lose these folks because they need to script, not write n-tier applications, you are not JUST going to lose their dev tool business. They are going to jump over to a *nix or *BSD platform and use MySQL for the backend. That is just how a lot of people think, whether Microsoft likes it or not. And please let's not waste time with the argument 'But you can basically script in .NET.' BS is all I can say to such a statement."