Network problems finally solved

For about a year now I had problems sharing files with other computers on our local network here. Traffic stalled frequently (or rather, all the time). Sometimes the speed goes up to 10kb/s for a second, then it stalls again (we have a 10mbit coax network). You'd say that it's a problem with the cables or the network card, however that's impossible, because internet data works fine. I get full speed there. Further I'm the only one having problems, all other PCs could exchange files at normal speed, just not with me (well I could send files to other, but it consumes 100% of my CPU and only at 600kb/s speed). So I figured the problem had to be my network card driver, but I wasn't able to find another driver.Today I installed another network card, rebooted, Windows XP found the card, configured it, and the problem was solved, without me touching anything. Yay!