Using Emacs instead of Visual Studio

I had noticed that Don Box is using Emacs to do his .NET programming instead of the more obvious Visual Studio .NET. Don Box: "Since joining MSFT in Jan 2002, I've repeatedly tried to kick the emacs habit and use Visual Studio.

Not because using emacs (or slick edit or vi) in public sends the wrong message. Unlike James, I think having a platform that is simple enough to use from any text editor is a major feature that we should be flaunting, not hiding.
The reason I try to kick the emacs habit is because I want VS to be better.
Since my last switch (now over 5 weeks of no emacs on my daily box), I send between 3-6 emails a week to the VS team bugging them about stuff that either doesn't work in the daily builds (which is to be expected) or to let them know which features I need in order not to revert back to my old habits. So far, they've been great about responding - phenomenal in fact.
I'm hopeful that by beta 1, VS.NET Whidbey will have met (and surpassed) my min-bar requirements. At this point, the one feature I want that may not make it is reasonable shell integration in the product proper - I'm hoping that the VS power toy will be good enough."