Interview with Don Box

An interview with Don Box who works on Indigo at Microsoft these days (before that he was one of the designers of SOAP [Simple Object Access Protocol] and worked with COM a lot). "The free-spirited Box dabbles in fashion, with a line of underwear called "Don Boxers." He's also chief songwriter, singer and guitarist for "Band on the Runtime," a group of rock-playing geeks. At the recent Professional Developers Conference (PDC), Box didn't engage in any of his trademark speaking stunts, such as wearing his boxers on stage, or having a back drop of soap bubbles (unless you count calling Group VP Jim Allchin "code monkey," during one of the keynote addresses as something other than a career-endangering move)."


"Microsoft Watch: What do you want with Miguel de Icaza? Why are you interested in seeing him join Microsoft?

Box: Miguel has an amazing amount of raw energy. I for one would like to see that energy applied to the initial design and architecture phase of a technology rather than on paying homage to work that's already been done."

Personally I could never see Miguel de Icaza go to Microsoft. For those who don't know, he's a huge open source advocate, he is one of the creators of GNOME and Evolution (Linux Outlook replacement) and works on Mono these days.