Is there hope for C#?

TIOBE Software, a Dutch company that makes developer tools, publishes a survey of the most popular programming languages in use. The company uses Google to approximate the number of engineers who are expert in the language, the availability of courses taught in it, and how many companies sell software using the language. TIOBE comes up with a three-digit "rating" based on the count. A couple of months ago Java was first with a rating of 25.2; next language was C, followed by C++, C# was only ranked ninth with a rating of 4.6.TIOBE then expected C# to grow enormously: ": "C# Still on Track to Become Number 1 Within 2 Years Time." According to TIOBE, the popularity of C# is rising faster than that any other language..."

However, four months later, so does C. Perez tell us, Java is still at number one, currently it's rating rose to 51.2. However C# declined to 3.9. TIOBE now tells us: "No Growth for C# in the last 6 months"