Ruby Creator Joins Heroku

[Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto](, the creator of the [Ruby]( programming language has joined [Heroku]( -- one of the prime Platform-as-a-Service companies that has a big focus on Ruby (although they support [node.js and clojure now too]( From the [Heroku announcement](

> While Heroku is becoming a polyglot platform (now officially supporting Ruby, Node.js, and Clojure), Ruby remains one of our favorite languages; we will continue to invest heavily in its support.

> We love Ruby, and we are honored to be able to give back to the community and to Matz, the Ruby dai-sensei, by providing resources for him and his team to continue to design and architect the language.

In [an interview about his new job]( Matz shows surprisingly little commitment to Heroku as a company:

> However, joining Heroku as Chief Architect does not mean that I swear loyalty to Heroku and This does not change relationship with NaCl and Rakuten which continue to support me and for whom I also remain chairman of the Ruby association.

> As for the reason for the title? I picked the name "Chief Architect" out of multiple options as it sounded most business neutral. I am not going to be involved with any business decision about Heroku in future.

With the hiring of Matz, Heroku continues to invest in the Ruby language and platform. Similarly, the other large Ruby PaaS provider, [EngineYard]( employs [many Ruby on Rails core developers](