NetBeans 4.0 will support Java 1.5 features

CNet: "Sun said a significant update of its NetBeans tools software, called NetBeans 4.0, is slated for release in the middle of next year. The update is a "radical overhaul" of the NetBeans interface and includes enhancements to make it easier to build Web and Web services applications, said Rich Green, vice president of the Software Developer Platforms Group at Sun.

NetBeans 4.0 will add "refactoring" technology that makes it easier to manage large coding projects, garnered from the research of James Gosling, the newly named chief technology officer of Sun's platforms group. The bundle will include a system for building applications based on Apache Ant and the Tomcat Java Web server. It will also support the latest specifications in the Java 2 Standard Edition, version 1.5."