Linux interop and freedom of choice

Slashdot: "There is an interesting article on Advogato on why it is so difficult for Open Source projects to interoperate or support common standards. Often cultural differences between projects, egoes, and many other issues stand in the way. The article outlines some practical ways for improving the situation, based on experiences from OSCOM efforts to get support WebDAV, SlideML and other standards into Open Source CMSs. Examples of successful interop projects include, the cooperative effort between GNOME and KDE." Interoperability I think is one of the most important things Linux lacks, beside uniformity. With windows it just fits together, well as long as you use Microsoft software, which practically everybody is doing. But with so many Linux vendors out there, well, you got like 30 mail clients, 10 browsers, 4 or more office suites, 15 windows managers, 40 distributions. Freedom of choice? Well yes, but do people always want to choose that bad? I don't.