Open Source in Extremadura

In an autonomous region of Extremadura, in the bucolic southwest of Spain there's a region that otherwise could never benefit from new software development, simply because there's no money and no net access. But now there are 80,000 CDs with Linux going their way: Wired: "But this quaint haven has suddenly become a bastion of Tux the Penguin. Extremadura has gone whole hog for free software: ¡Software libre para la libertad! Its government has minted some 80,000 CDs to marinate the populace in Linux. Social workers carry the latest open source code to remote schools, municipal offices, and city-funded ISPs. Thanks to Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra, the left-wing academic who became regional president and has dominated local politics for the past 20 years, the Global Project for the Development of the Information Society aims to give every resident access to the knowledge gathered by humanity throughout history."