Tablet PC future

Robert X. Cringely writes a column about the multimedia hubs both Apple and now also Microsoft are pushing: The computer as the central place for media. There are already Microsoft powered TV-sets. Cringeley believes Apple will take the next step and develop a tablet pc that does all this cool stuff: "And some of those products will be going in that Apple tablet computer. Watch TV in your bathroom, access your audio and video collection from anywhere in the house, control your big screen TV and route video to it from your desktop or the Internet. Take a dozen movies and your entire music collection with you on a trip. Strap the gizmo to the back of your car headrest and entertain the kids. Grab e-mail from a passing WiFi hotspot. Surf the web. Play video games. It will still cost too much, but a million early adopters won't care."

And because Cringely hasn't yet used all of his Microsoft-bash-quotum he adds:

"And a year later, when Multiband OFDM gets its act together, Microsoft will claim to have invented it all."

You're sure it won't be Al Gore?