Motorola Bluetooth Headset

Have I turned into a gadget and app reviewer all of a sudden? Nah, don't worry. It's just that after a day full of academic paper writing (not my favorite past time), I need to crank out some text where I can be me. Not adhering to any rules but my own -- where I can start a sentence with "but". And can break a line wherever I damn well please. Did I just use the d word? But beyond that, where I can spend a paragraph not really saying anything profound, not backing up my statements with references. Writing for the sake of writing... Know what I'm sayin'?.


Two weeks ago I bought the [Motorokr S305 stereo bluetooth headset](

There she is. Isn't she a beauty, with the drop shadow and everything? Almost looks like an Apple product.

Just for kicks I won't start with the problem statement, but rather with the conclusion: it's pretty good, and you should get it, if you can, if you want to. It costs around $50 (I bought it for 45 euros), so not that expensive. It pinches my ear a little bit, but nothing unacceptable. My ears will just have to adjust, I suppose.

What it does is connect to my (i)Phone and play music, sound, make calls. Wirelessly. Bluetooth, you know. Sounds quality is ok for podcasts and audiobooks (which I use it for) and phone calls, not the bestest for super high-quality stereo surround music. Although it does support stereo, did I mention that?

And last but not least. The problem statement. I'm Dutch. I cycle. Over the past year and a half I have killed four Apple headphone cables because I had my phone in my pocket while cycling, the cable just slowly breaks until I lose sound in one ear. First this was covered by warranty. Now I have to pay the $30 something per headphone set myself.

Not good.

Solution: get rid of the cables. Get a bluetooth headset.