Microsoft is all about profits

I hear people say that Microsoft is all about profits. Everything they do has the sole purpose of raising their profit. Isn't that a bit easy? There are thousands of people working at Microsoft, are they all money hungry wolfs? I'm absolutely positive they're not. I think there are very few developers working at Microsoft who actually care about profits at all. Working at a software company is more than just making a living, you create software that many (in case of Microsoft millions) people will be using. And that it pays well, ok, fine.Sure, there are a couple of nasty strategists at Microsoft making all the "evil" moves to gain market share, but that's their work, and honestly, who can blame them. Personally I believe you can't even say of 10% of the people of Microsoft that "all they care for is profits." The question really is, is a company it's strategy or it's people?