Xamlon: XAML for Windows Forms

XAML will be a new format Microsoft will be using in Longhorn to let you define GUI's. But, Longhorn will not be released until 2006, if you want to play with XAML, or at least a format that's very close to it, you can now play with Xamlon: Xamlon (pronounced "Zamelon," which rhymes with "avalon"), is a XAML runtime library for the .NET Framework 1.1. Xamlon is not a 100% XAML compatible library, it was not designed to be, but rather uses the same syntax as XAML to provide the same power and capabilities as XAML but for building "Windows.Forms"-based applications instead. Simply put:
"Xamlon is XAML for Windows.Forms"

There are several key benefits of using Xamlon today:

  • Application development becomes much more simple and efficient. Xalmon provides a very clean separation between presentation and application logic.
  • Xamlon application run on all of today's .NET Framework 1.1 Windows operating systems: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003.
  • Xamlon provides a much simpler migration path to Microsoft's next-generation presentation layer in Longhorn, XAML.

Xamlon is not a XAML port or 100% compatibility library, but rather a subset of XAML that allows for the development of Windows Forms application using the same XML markup syntax as XAML.