Major vendors to push Linux to the desktop

IBM, HP, Dell and Novell try to edge in while industry waits for Longhorn.InfoWorld (about Novell): "Sources said that once the [SuSE] acquisition is finalized early next year, the company will tightly stitch the Ximian Desktop with an enhanced version of SuSE 9.0, which would enable smooth connections to Novell’s GroupWise collaboration server, ZENworks resource manager, and security and integration products. The company also claimed that it will more than double the number of engineers working on the Ximian Desktop and will focus on improving the Gnome desktop environment, the OpenOffice suite, and Mozilla browser."

IBM's Global Services unit intends to put in place next year a broad-based technical support program for Linux on corporate desktops. And Sun also has plans promoting Linux on the desktop (Sun's Java Desktop System and StarOffice).