Microsoft's Peculiar Profit Obsession, .NET, and What It All Really Means

Robert X. Cringely: "I have written a few Microsoft conspiracy theory columns in my day, but a great one came in this week from reader Andy Hopper who seems to think that Microsoft is lately trying to emulate Apple Computer and might actually build its own PCs. I hardly think so, but Andy gives us something to chew on, and the ideas that spill from what Andy ISN'T saying tell us a lot about where Microsoft is really heading." I've read a couple of his columns and I don't really like mr Cringely, he seems very arrogant to me (leaving the fact if I do or do not agree with him alone): "When it comes to information technology, I know what I am talking about. Twenty years in and around the PC business have earned me wisdom, if not wealth." Who is Robert X. Cringely.