Nexus One, Day 0

I have been a happy iPhone 3GS user for the past half year. Recently Google sent us a few [Nexus One]( phones and I decided to give one a serious try. I just switched off my iPhone, switched SIMs and will use the Nexus One as my main phone for a week. I will update you on my impressions as the week passes. Initial impressions:

* The form factor is nice. Much better than the Google G1 that I had previously played with. It's lighter and slightly thinner than my iPhone. * The screen has very nice colors. Definitely looks better than the iPhone. * For avid Google users (like myself), this phone has a great setup process. Enter your Google credentials and you get your Gmail, Calendar and contacts synced immediately. The Facebook application also integrates into the contact list, so you have your Facebook contacts synced as well. Useful! * I really have to get used to having more semi-physical buttons on this device. There's the volume controls (like iPhone), a trackball thingy (that I haven't used of yet), and a set of flat button across the bottom of the screen. There's a back, menu, home and search button. You don't actually push these buttons, you tap them and the phone gives you haptic feedback, which is a nice idea but it doesn't seem to respond that well to my touches. Often I have to use my thumb to push it to actually respond. This is annoying because you really need this buttons to navigate around the OS. * Google went a little over the top by installing it with a animated background, which kind of drove me crazy. First setting I changed.