Invision Power Board download page

IPS has changed the download page of their flagship product Invision Power Board. You're now presented with two options at first sight: Lifetime registration ($149) or one year registration ($59.95). So has IPB gone paid? No, if you look closely there's still a tiny link to a free (unlimited) trial version of IPB (bottom left). The statement they once made ("IPB will always be free") still holds, but it's obvious that they're moving into the commercial direction (big surprise if you're a company).There was a (now closed) discussion at The Forum Insider about this, some remarks from that topic:

"I think they're more exploiting people's inability to carfully read everything they see. Someone goes to IPS now they'll just assume that they have to pay for IPB. I'd say 80% of people will probably now not even see the free download link"

"I think the main reason people are getting so upset is the 'IPB will always be free' that was promised so many times... Anything to suggest a turn in that really gets people going... It's still free, but they're trying to hide that fact now, and I guess a lot of people will see that as trying to move away from that statement...."