Mono Roadmap

Miguel de Icanza has posted the Mono Roadmap for the coming time. The goal of Mono is to provide an open source implementation of .NET. In Q1 of 2004 they expect to have Mono 1.0 done (they have been developing Mono since 2001):

  • C# compiler
  • VM, with JIT and pre-compiler
  • IL assembler, disassembler
  • Development and security tools
  • Core libraries: mscorlib, System, System.XML
  • System.Data and Mono database providers
  • System.Web: Web applications platform and Apache integration module
  • System.Web.Services: client and server support
  • System.Drawing
  • System.DirectoryServices
  • JIT support: x86 and PPC architectures (interpreter available for other architectures)
  • ECMA profiles: special build options to build Mono as an implementation of the various ECMA profiles will be available
  • Java integration through IKVM
  • Embedding interface for the runtime