MSN nickchanges should be forbidden

Man I hate people changing their MSN nickname every day :(Some manage to put their full life story in it, including what they ate that day, how many more tests they have to do this week, that's the summer is coming, the concert they're going to visit next weekend, how many more days until their holiday, or they use a name like *****((((((((( Peep )))))))))) ******, oh yeah you're cool... I used to run a text to voice plugin for Trillian but just had to deinstall it because of those lousy MSN nicknames (with some people it took 2 minutes to let it pronounce a nickname: "slash-slash-slash-backslash-left parethesis-left parenthesis-at-left parenthesis-b-right-parenthis-slash-slash-backslash-underscore next saturday, you know the deal-explamation point, just came online"). That you want your nickname to take up 5 lines of text (waste of my bandwidth!) is wel... fine. But people, PLEASE put at least your real name in it. When I get a message like "The summer is coming! just came online" I honestly do not have a clue who you are. Or shall I just assume you don't care?