"If I were Sun's VP of Java, I would..."

Filip Selendic has an interesting attacking plan: "Simplicity is even more important, and, yep, if something doesn't move reeealy fast, we will lose that one too. Soo....

Show your cards.

Unite. Every major Java player. Every major Linux player. Like yesterday. One Desktop. One IDE. Simplify, simplify, simplify. And Sun: Invent FastJCP. Embrace Linux. Hell, buy Suse. Show us and opensource Looking glass. Now would be a good time to actualy reconsider working with OSS community on Java3 (1.6). Maybe even making it multilanguage platform. You won't make it alone. MS outnumbers you. But nothing outnumbers developers out there. Join most of them under one objective: making viable desktop competitor. Most of them are fed up with MS, but see no alternative. Make one. And NOT like JDS1: compare that to their roadmap, and you will see it is not really attractive. There must be at least equal number of Java/Linux programmers and Longhorn programers in three years. Which won't happen if all the opposition stays fragmented as it is today. Sun should position themselves as a leader of free software world. Which won't go without lots of appologies. And sacrifies. And veeery big annoucements in a near future."