Java vs .NET (again, yay!)

Alright, I found this while going through the .NET weblogs feed and still found it interesting enough to post: Suresh Behera's post about Java vs .NET. I have no real opinion about this post yet, I've quickly read it and I can agree to some of the points made and can also disagree with some. And about the same debate (kind of ): Java vs. .NET, part 1 - Usability: "And it’s not just Microsoft applications. It is the Windows operating environment and all the ISVs who natively write to that environment. Microsoft sets the style and the ISVs (to one degree of success or another) follow that style, locking in the Microsoft leadership.

Please pardon me for saying this, but most Java apps look shabby compared with other desktop apps. Java now has a reputation for shabby-looking apps on the client-side. Swing was supposed to address this and has failed. IBM’s SWT comes closer but still hasn’t really challenged native MS technologies on the client. I am encouraged by Alan Williamson’s review of Juliette as a project that takes the UI seriously, but they apparently had to provide their own GUI layer!"

And a final link: Sun, Microsoft officials face off in Java vs. .Net debate