Why we need a new storage platform

Jeremy Mazner about the reason for WinFS: "For me, it comes down to this – the folder hierarchy metaphor for organization doesn't scale. With 1TB hard drives in the not-too-distant future, it is starting to seem reasonable to store pretty much any piece of information you own on a PC, but if you can't organize, what's the point?

Organization might connote a lot of things, from storing to archive management, and while it's important to get the whole story right, the key is finding information. I can't find stuff today on my hard drive. I have barely one thousand photos, but even still it's impossible to easily find every photo of my wife and I together. My folder hierarchy for photos is organized by event (Thanksgiving, Labor Day, etc,) and so I'm out of luck when I want to look at my data using any other pivot. I actually tried for a while renaming every photo to list the name of every person appearing in the photo, but as you can imagine, that was a very short lived experiment."