Longhorn hype and Microsoft software updates

Frans Bouma writes about problems he has with Windows XP while the whole Microsoft community is overwhelmed with cool Longhorn stuff (Longhorn is the codename for the new Windows version, scheduled for 2005). Personally I never had any of the problem he has had with XP, but that's not really his point either: "My point is not to enlist a couple of shortcomings in the Windows XP shell. What I want to illustrate is that Microsoft acts too late and wrong when it comes to shortcomings to their own products. Some irritating shell behaviour was already present in NT4, why are we still accepting the fact that we have to deal with them today? I find that weird. Are we tired? Are we convinced that asking for patches (for Windows XP, the next service pack is not released in the near future, we have to wait at least a year) or functionality updates that are really necessary is useless? Why are we forgetting the current problems when we're talking about Longhorn? I don't get that hype. Longhorn might be good, better than whatever is on the planet at that date. However till that day, we have to deal with the current problems which are not addressed today nor will be in the near future, if ever."Very valid points IMO.