Invision Power attempts to acquire phpBB

Invision Power Services Inc. are the owners and creators of Invision Power Board, for those that didn't know. And it's not a joke:

Hello James,

This is Charles Warner from Invision Power Services, Inc. I understand
that you own the license rights to phpBB and we are interested in
opening talks about acquiring the rights to phpBB to add it to our
products and services.

We are actively looking to acquire products to add to our line and have
investment dollars to spend on these transactions. Your interest is


Charles Warner
Invision Power Services, Inc. - President
Phone: +1 434 352-9311



Thanks, but no thanks.

We're not interested in selling phpBB in any way. The whole team is
committed to keeping phpBB 100% Free Software. The goals of the phpBB
project and goals of IPS are in not compatible. We write forum software
because we love it, we're not in this for any sort of material gain
whereas you clearly are.

Sorry, but I'll always do everything in my power to make sure that phpBB
remains Free.


- James 'theFinn' Atkinson
Founder & Project Manager, phpBB



I assumed you would say as much but I thought I would express our
interest anyway. Good luck in your worthy endeavor.

Just so you know, we may be porting phpBB to a sort of "lite" message
board offering with fewer features and abilities. We had thought to
write one ourselves but there is no real need to reinvent anything when
we can utilize your proven base coding with just a little bit of
removal of extra features to make it that lite version we are looking
for. I thought I would tell you now so you were not surprised later.

Thank you for your time. 

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