Currently at our home there's one PC that functions as the LAN gateway. Because this PC has to be on when we want to access the internet a lot of energy is spoiled. That was the major reason to want a router. I went to the local mediamarkt (electronics store) and found a wireless all-in set, it included a router, an wireless access point and two USB wireless adapters, I could get it for €130. Great! But it didn't work. I spent yesterday and today to get it to work. The wireless network worked great and the router did route packets through the network correctly, but for some reason it couldn't connect to the internet. It was able to resolve DNS records, but pinging and surfing was simply not possible. Occasionally a couple of ping packets were returned, but most of the time none were.I went back the the store I bought the kit and they gave me a new one, same problem. So I'll probably be returning this kit, two days spent with no result. I just found an even better deal, it's a router and wireless access point (up to 802.11g [53mbps], the previous one only did 802.11b [11mbps]) for €95 so that seems like a pretty good deal. I already got a PCMCIA wireless card that works for my laptop so :)