Are you addicted to forums?

If so you need alienine's forum hog boot camp kit. INCLUDES: - A fully featured web browser that will format your hard drive if you visit any of today's popular forums. - A blow up doll to release all that tension on, remember: if you don't release you post. - A schedule to set you straight, with discipline you'll be showering every day in no time! - Some rice crackers with laxatives, remember: if it keeps you away, its good, even when it smells. - alienine's 1 step guide to using the off button on your PC (not compatible with PC's with no off buttons) - a print out of all the smilies: as you slowly adjust to the real world and real emotions this will help you express them! simply point to the appropriate smiley to tell people how you're feeling! (eg: "I'm feeling constipated", "Are you interested in bondage?", "I like to dress up") - A [User Profile] form to be attached to your shirt or other items of clothing. - A phone book, to help you get used to the world's Member List. - And alienine's guide to "Acting retarded when you realise you can't edit what you just said in a real conversation".

EDIT: NEW LOWER PRICE! Only for $499.95 $299.95 US dollars, can be paid in 2 easy $200.00 payments!

I can be contacted through this thread.