IM Buddy

IM Buddy: "Three dimensional plush dolls that physically sit next to or on top of a computer monitor and "come alive" when the user accesses software and/or websites embedded with digital triggers or via any Instant Messenger (IM) application. For example, if one friend has a Bugs Bunny IM Buddy and is logged onto an IM application with another friend who has a Daffy Duck IM Buddy, then each can enhance their IM conversation by activating the other's actual toy to move animatronically and "speak" in the character's voice, from any location, anywhere in the world!! IM Buddies also work with a growing selection of computer and console games, commenting on your performance, egging you on, congratulating you when you win, slamming you when you're winning or make a mistake, etc. In some instances, you can play against your IM Buddy, just as if you were playing against a real friend! This adds an exciting dimension to the use of the computer and the many things you can do online."