Clues that you might be a geek

From Eric W. Sink:0 -- You number things from zero instead of one, because that's what a C programmer would do. 1 -- You love numbers that are powers of two. Instead of "Top Ten" lists, you do "Top Eight". 2 -- The word "blog" doesn't sound stupid to you anymore. 3 -- You still don't understand why anyone would name a pharmacy after a version control system. 4 -- You plan to give all your children names which are expressible in hex. 5 -- You think the nominees for best actress this year should be Trinity, Mystique, Arwen, and T-X. 6 -- You know at least one person whose computer has less RAM than your video card. 7 -- This holiday season, instead of emailing your greeting cards, you're planning to just publish an RSS feed.