Zef Hemel

Nationality: Dutch
Location: Poznan, Poland
Born: 22 June 1983
Email: zef@zef.me
Twitter: @zef
LinkedIn: Profile

Career highlights

PhD in Computer Science Delft University of Technology (2007-2011)
Researched, designed and implemented various programming languages (specifically: domain-specific languages), as well as tooling around those. Worked on two major languages: WebDSL (for rapid web app development) and mobl (rapid mobile web app development). PhD thesis available.

VP Engineering Cloud9 IDE Inc. (2011-2012)
Responsible for software development (around 30 people) and operations at this VC funded start-up with offices in Amsterdam and San Fransisco. Over the course of this time, scaled the operation from two SmartOS (Solaris) machines running on Joyent Cloud to a few dozen machines on AWS with peaks of 1000 requests per second.

Developer Advocate and Product Manager LogicBlox Inc. (2013-2014)
Responsible for developer advocacy of LogicBlox, an innovative database founded on the Datalog language, as well as The Nix package manager, operating system and cloud management tools sponsored by LogicBlox. Part of the product management team for the LB online modeler environment.

VP Engineering STX Next (2015-2016)
Responsible for running 15 development teams totaling around 90 engineers. As well as kicking off new projects and supporting existing ones, both at the business, process and technical level. Mentored and trained existing and future team leaders.

Engineering Manager Egnyte (2016-)

Side projects


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