Some Unsollicited Blackberry Advice

John Cheng is Blackberry’s new CEO and has said that Blackberry will focus on what it’s good at: phones with keyboards:

I personally love the keyboards,” Chen said in an interview yesterday with Bloomberg Television’s Jon Erlichman at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In the future, the company’s phones will “predominantly” have physical keyboards, he said, rather than touch screens.

Things are not looking so good for Blackberry right now and a renewed focus on physical keyboard phones is likely not going to be enough.

As I see it, the major problem with Blackberry phones is software. Blackberry’s hardware has always been solid and its hardware keyboards excellent and battery life, in smart phone terms, very good. Blackberry OS 10 is supposedly a step up, but getting an OS up to par — especially in terms of available applications — this late in the game is pretty damn difficult. And frankly, with Blackberry’s current downward momentum, I don’t see this happening.

android What if Blackberry would drop Blackberry OS and start producing Android phones? Supposedly Blackberry has great features for the enterprise and I’m sure there’s a market for that, so take Android, add the special Blackberry enterprise sauce, add a solid hardware keyboard and start moving those phones. Ideally, also inherit Blackberry phones’ great battery life.

Want to bet they’d have more success than their current strategy?